Getting Started
Extract Game Files

Download GDI Explorer and extract your .cdi/.gdi file contents of your legally owned and app-supported ROM file.

Import Polygon and/or Texture File

Click   to load a polygon and an associated texture file, or just a dedicated texture file by itself. Hold control when clicking to select multiple files.

Browse Models and Edit Textures

Browse Models using arrow keys or model navigation buttons.

Click a polygon to highlight its texture, then hit the  icon. Edit the texture color sliders or replace the image. You can also drag a file into the right panel.

Export Textures and Build

Once textures are edited, click  to export. Rebuild your files using GDI Builder.

Dev Updates / Vlog
Shortcut Keys

Left, Right   Toggle Model Viewed

Ctrl + \   Toggle Interface Visibility

Scene Navigation

Mouse Click & Drag   Rotate Camera

Shift + Mouse Drag   Pan Camera

Mousewheel   Zoom camera

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Various Binary Format / R.E. Details

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User Testing & Feedback

Magnetro2K, Paxtez, DJ Clayface, Toan, Blindfire604

Other Notable Projects